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Would you like a website and sports software that is easy to use and actually works?

You would? Then welcome to iSign sports registration software. Think of The Collingwood Magpies, The Sharks, Sydney F.C, The St. George Dragons. Whether you love or hate a particular sports club successful ones have something in common. 

  • Clear communication between their players and staff.
  • Collect and study team stats to build on their success and improve faults.
  • Highly organised.

Wouldn't it be nice to have the time and resources to do that?

You can!

iSign is Australia’s most comprehensive sports management website that allows you to do all of those things and much much more.

iSign allows you to do a huge number of useful actions all in one place, organise, manage, for in all areas of sport from Soccer & Cricket to Rugby, our management software has you covered.

You can have everything you need in one place that you can access at any time of the day and in any place as long as you have either a laptop, tablet device or smart phone. 

Club administrators, managers, players, parents or volunteers can access all the information they need at iSign. 
With easy to use software designed to be practical and user friendly you can take the stress out of running your club or registering as a player.

As a player or parent of a player you can make secure payments online at anytime, no more cueing. 

As an administrator you can stop the stress and take payments anytime and track payments in one secure and confidential place.

You can even manage multiple tournaments and events.

What are you waiting for?

Get registered and make your life easier so you can focus on the most important thing. Sport.

Signing up for sports clubs and teams can be a confusing and frustrating time for all people involved. Waiting in cues to register yourself is bad enough but if you are registering several children in several different clubs at the same time the experience can be excruciating and painful!

But it’s not just the people registering that can find it to be a painful experience, think of the army of administrators and volunteers who have to deal with this every year. You want everyone involved in your club to have a good experience and enjoy what they do. The more they enjoy it the more they are going to put into the club, whether its playing to their highest ability or going that extra mile when it comes to giving up their precious time.

With iSign you will be able to allow people to register in the comfort of their own home or garden at the time that suits them. They will also be able to pay using their credit card or debit card in a secure and safe way.

Do away with stress and paperwork and bundles of cash that you have to find time to take to the bank and make life easier by using a site that has you, the players and the administrators needs in mind.

iSign online sports registration allows you to register simply and quickly. All you need to do is login and create your profile using the online sports registration software and all you need for that is an email address it really is that simple.

You only have to sign up once, the profile you have can be used year on year season on season.

If you are registering as a player it will allow you to set up and maintain your player profile. As part of the registration you can add photo identification and proof of age. You can update and maintain your profile anywhere as long as you have access to a computer, tablet or smart phone. The online registration software guarantees privacy and confidentiality. 

This is especially important if you are parent registering your child as a player. 

In order to create an iSign profile you must be 18 years of age, so in order to register a minor a parent or guardian must first create their own iSign profile and then create one for their child which they they can easily link to their own profile. This advantage also means you can keep track of your child’s progress their teams process and keep well informed with the clubs news and progress. If you are also taking responsibility for another persons payments whether related or not you can also link to their profile. Payment facilities are easy to use and secure, if you can shop online then you can use this simple process and you can do it when the kids have gone to bed!

Once you have your iSign profile you can search for a specific club and find out if seasons are open for registration, no more searching various websites or phoning around it’s all here in one convenient place. 

Once you have your profile set up you can register with the club and team you want you will then be able to receive club information, news and team notifications either by email or SMS or both. 

The iSign online sports registration suits all types of sporting clubs and activities, and is available to all ages (with the permission of a parent or guardian) and also to all genders.

And if all this still sounds a little daunting or complicated there is online help and videos to guide you through the process or you could request a phone call and talk through the process with one of our dedicated and professional members of the team who will be happy to explain iSign in more detail and allay any worries or concerns you may have.

And remember with better communication you can get more involved in all aspects of the club and maybe even get involved not only as a player a parent or guardian but as a non-player at the clubs events and tournaments, they will always appreciate volunteers!

Registering your club is a step in the right direction to making the running and administration of your club easier and more accessible to all involved. Good communication is a major key to making you club more accessible and telling people all about your success will bring more interest and with more interest comes more participants. There is no harm in telling people about your success!

If you are a Sports Club that routinely struggles with manual registration and administration processes, recording players and parents data then the sports club management software will help you to eliminate this time consuming and stressful process for your administrators and volunteers. 

iSign is specifically designed for Sports clubs and has been designed to be as flexible and as versatile as you need it to be.

iSign suits all Sports clubs and codes, if your club operates more than one sporting code you can operate multiple codes and can receive player registrations for each of them. Sports club management systems offer settings that can be configured and set independently for each sporting code.

Once you have registered your club using iSign sports club software you will be able to build your clubs profile and manage everything from one place, you can upload pictures and make your profile a place for people to check into regularly to see your clubs progress and achievements. 

You can personalise your online club page, and you have full control over your profile, you can make your profile a reflection of your clubs ideals and values.

You will be able to manage your teams seasons and set your own tariffs to suit your clubs needs and demands, it is at your discretion to offer special joining incentives and reward loyalty and prompt payments and all of it in one easily accessible place.

With iSign you can track as many seasons, events or competitions as you need, and can run as many of these per year as you want to, there are no restrictions as to what you want your club to offer. Remember you are in control. 

The sporting club software can help you to set and maintain the start/end of playing dates and the open and closing registration dates as well as other season specific attributes that you decide on.

Sport clubs can set their own registration tariffs for each season they operate and can set their own registration rules and policies in line with federal rules and conditions.

Sports club management software also enables you to take registration on line any time, anywhere. The system also allows you to create unlimited custom fields for inclusion in online player registration. All payments are secure and can be easily tracked by the clubs administrators. Club secretaries and administrators will be able to see immediately wherever they are the state of the clubs finances and take action wherever necessary, more control over financial matters will allow the club to develop and grow or expand or take measures when times get tough, immediate information could give your club the freedom to expand or contract when necessary.

Using the sports club software you can approve who participates in the club either as a club administrator or as team administrator. Being in control of who is in which role and what their duties are will give everyone a clear set of goals and objectives when it comes to their involvement, knowing who needs to be motivated and who is taking the lions share of work will help you understand the day to day running of the club.

You have the ability to approve or decline requests or set limits to user permissions associated with each approved role. At anytime you may also remove people from these roles as required or they can remove themselves from their roles. Administrators will have the power to remove themselves if they feel they can no longer contribute to the club or if they feel their involvement has come to a natural end, with the iSign system when there is a change in administration everyone involved in the club will be kept up to date with who is responsibly if there is a change in roles.

Using the system means you can appoint multiple club and or team administrators when needed and administrators can be associated with one or more team which means that individuals can fulfil multiple roles for the club. Making sure that someone isn't taking on too much responsibility will be much easier to spot if the activity on the club page is coming from one or two administrators as the system is designed to be interactive and transparent for everyone involved.

Once you have approved your club and team administrators you can connect them by using the sports club management software. Communicating with everyone involved is vital to any successful sports organisation, the more information people have the less likely mistakes and misunderstandings may occur.

Communication with iSign is simple and you can easily send and receive emails and send SMS messages to keep everyone connected and up to date with club news.

With the sports club software you can keep track of club and player history and which can be easily shared between club and team administrators. Rewarding peoples success and achievements and motivating members is a great to create team harmony and teamwork. Using the communication system to organise social events can bring teams together to achieve more in their chosen sport.

Any club or team administrator who has the appropriate access can study or generate a printed team list or registered players list due to the systems flexible data export facilities. Sharing information about teams online is sometimes impracticable so having a hard copy is usually a good alternative, the system is designed to allow this sharing of information easy to use and accessible to everyone involved.

iSign guarantees privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Managing and coaching a team is the ultimate goal of running or being involved in a sports team, having as much information about the form of your team and the individuals involved is vital to helping identify the strengths and weakness of your team. Imagine former Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson being as successful as he was without studying the form and stats of his players and team performances. You can have all the stats and information at your fingertips with the sports management software.

iSign sports management software allows you you to manage all aspects of your team. It’s easy to set up and takes the hard work out of managing your sports team. Once you have registered you can have an overall view of managing your team. 

You can monitor your team player registration as it happens, follow and check player availability and record player statistics. Making sure you have the team you want and need is a great advantage when you are planning your season and being able to exactly who has registered and who hasn't will give you a clear head start when it comes to preparation and planning your training schedule.

Coaches and managers are able to standardise their team management and communication at the club and team managers have the facility to look after multiple teams at once.

You can appoint and communicate with your administrators and with the sports management software you can keep players parents and non-players easily informed in every aspect of running your club. If you have a special fitness or training schedule you need to communicate to an individual or team you can make sure they are made aware without any miscommunication or understanding, letters and schedules can be misplaced or lost, but with the ability to send a group email or SMS you can be assured you have done everything with in your means to get your message across.

Communication made easy, if you have other team news or events maybe a social occasion or a charitable event the club is supporting make sure you get maximum involvement using the system. Communicate with your team via email or SMS, the software supplies easy to use and adaptable templates that can be stored and used again if the message is a weekly, monthly or annual reminder.

Managing your team and players is made much easier, you can verify players using their photo identification and proof of age. Knowing exactly who you have in your team is a great advantage as is being able to identify and recognise a new team member, people love it when you know who they are taking the effort to learn peoples name is made much easier when you can put a face to a name.

Managing and recording players statistics can be done easily to help with player grading and allocation into your team, making a detailed report or being able to study the team performance as a whole will give you a great insight into where improvements need to be made a the season progresses.

The sports team management software allows you to create a biography for your team which will be visible on the club profile.

Organising one off or annual events will be much easier if all the information you need already exists, tweaks and alterations can always be done to suit the specific event but having a template and support will alleviate a lot of unnecessary stress. 

iSign tournament management software helps you to organise and manage your one off sports tournaments competitions or events. It will take the stress out of organising a large tournament or competition by using iSign and it’s many useful aspects.

It’s a simple and easy way to manage the large logistical challenges that these events can present and the iSign sports tournament software does just that and more. 

It offers quick set up with you in control of all the aspects of the sports tournament competition or event. You can manage high volume registration and process payments quickly and securely.

When your participants register you can automatically group them into teams either by venue, age or division.User defined groupings such as age groups divisions venues or other grouping can save a lot of tome and allow you to concentrate on the more vital aspects of running the event. You can manage the opening and closing registration dates that are suitable to you and your tournament or competitions needs easily and with little effort.

Groupings can be tagged for on screen filtering and sorting for for large numbers of teams to be co-ordinated an aspect that again can be time consuming when it comes to large numbers of participants.

Once the participants are registered you can circulate information about the event via email and or SMS incase of changes in circumstances or changes in venues information which can be disseminated quickly and efficiently.

It also allows you to maintain a database to send out results of the completion or event it also gives you a ready made database to communicate up coming events or for future marketing purposes. There is no limit to the number of events, tournaments or competitions you can run, as long as you can manage them!

As a club you may set as many teams for registration purposes and new teams and participants can be added or deactivated at any time to accomodate the volume of participants you may be expecting or that may cancel.

If you are going to run a similar tournament, competition or event the following year the sports tournament software has a copy function for a new or repeat tournament or event that means the hard work you have put into the current event won’t be lost and can be used time and time again whenever you may need it.

Every aspect of the tournament management software is designed to make your events easier to run in as many ways possible, all you need to do iSign up!