iSign - Parents & Supporters of Teams & Clubs

Parents & Supporters Registration

Maintain Profile data and playing history for yourself and your children in one secure location.
Never fill in a manual Registration Form again.
Complete your Player Registration(s) online, at any time and within minutes.
Receive relevant Club & Team notifications by SMS and/or email.
No more queues, paperwork or stress.

Tell your Club about iSign and……get started today!

  • Suits all sports, ages and genders
  • Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality
  • Maintain you own personal online profile
  • Load you own PhotoID and Proof of Age information
  • Parents and children’s profiles linked for easy single payment
  • Complete player registrations online - anywhere, anytime, fast
  • Secure online payment facilities
  • No queues, No paperwork, No stress
  • Receive Club and Team notifications by SMS and/or email
  • Online text & video help
  • Full player history and much more......

General Registration Info

How can Parents & Supporters use iSign?

A Parent or Supporter can use their iSign Member Account to:

  • Create Linked iSign Member Accounts for their child(ren) and/or other Players in order to:
    • Perform a Player Registration for either themselves or their Linked Members
    • Make payments for either themselves or their Linked Members
    • Receive email & SMS messages from Club Administrators, Coaches and Managers in relation to any Player’s Team
  • Apply to receive email and SMS communications in relation to a Team with which they are not an Administrator or a Player
  • Request Club or Team Administrator roles at their Club

Do I require an iSign Member Account for myself before I can complete an online player registration for my child(ren) or other Linked Member(s)? 

Yes. Any Individual wanting to make use of the iSign website service offerings must first set up an iSign Member Account for themselves. Once set up, their account can be used to do any of the following:

  • Request a Club Administrator role
  • Request a Team Administrator role
  • Request a Communication Subscriber role
  • Perform a Player Registration
  • Receive Club or Team Communications

The above roles and functions can be requested /performed either for themselves or for and on behalf of any Linked Member(s) (eg; Children or anyone else for whom they have financial or guardianship responsibility)

What does it cost?

There is no cost associated with creating an iSign Member Account. Once created, an iSign Member Account can be managed and maintained indefinitely without incurring any cost.

The only functions in the iSign website which incur a cost to the Member, are as follows:

Paying for a Player Registration - This consists of the following components:

  • Player Registration Fee (Calculated and Set by your Club)
  • iSign Processing Fee ($7.00 Levy per Registration)
  • Any Relevant Taxes (GST)
  • Credit Card Fee (Calculated and Set by our Bank)

Purchasing SMS Credits - If an iSign Member elects to receive SMS messages from their Club Administrators, Managers and Coaches they will need to purchase SMS Credits which are consumed at a rate of $0.25 per message received, by the receiving iSign Member.

Purchasing a Communications Subscription - If an iSign Member wishes to receive messages relating to a Team for which they are not 'approved' as an Administrator or 'Registered' as a Player, they will achieve this by purchasing a Communication Subscription through the iSign website. The price of a Communication Subscription varies depending on the subscription period selected at the time of purchase. Once a Communication Subscription is purchased, it can be used to apply to receive messages relating to as many Teams across as many Clubs as required, during the active subscription period.

There are no other costs incurred in the course of using the iSign website.