iSign - Sports Club Management Software

All in One Software - Coaches & Managers

Standardise Team management and communications at your Club.
Team Managers can look after multiple Teams at once.
Verify player photographs and proof of age submissions.
Communicate by email and/or SMS with your Team Players/Non-Players
Maintain Team Fixtures, Results and Player Statistics recording

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  • Request a Team Administrator role with your Sports Club
  • Have your role/permissions approved
  • Monitor online Player Registrations as they happen
  • Player grading and allocation into your Team(s)
  • Create message templates for simple Team notifications
  • Inform your Team members of training and game changes, club events and other relevant information
  • Team fixtures and results recording
  • Player statistics recording
  • Send email and/or SMS communications to your Team

General Info

What is a Team Administrator?

A Team Administrator is any individual member who has been approved by a participating sports Club to have authority and the associated permissions to administer, control, make changes to and perform the various online functions associated with managing a Team(s) at that Club for the benefit and enjoyment of its registered playing and non-playing members.

What does it cost?

There is no cost associated with creating an iSign Member Account. Once created, any iSign Member is able to apply for and manage as many Team Administrator roles with as many Clubs as required, also without incurring any cost.

Do I need an iSign Member Account before I can request a Team Administrator role?

Yes. Each Individual wanting to make use of the iSign website service offerings must first set up an iSign account for themselves. Once set up, their account can be used to do any of the following, with any participating Club(s)/Team(s):

  • Request a Club Administrator role
  • Request a Team Administrator role
  • Request a Communication Subscriber role
  • Perform a Player Registration
  • Receive Club or Team Communications

How many Team Administrator roles can I request/perform?

You can request, have approved and perform as many Team Administrator or other roles as you wish or require. iSign supports a ‘one-to-many’ concept, whereby any single iSign account can be used to support unlimited roles within the iSign website. As an extreme example, a single individual could use their account to potentially be simultaneously approved and recognised as:

  • A Club Administrator at one or more participating Clubs, and/or
  • A Team Administrator at one or more participating Clubs for one or more Teams, and/or
  • A Communications Subscriber at any number of Clubs for any number of Teams, and/or
  • A Registered Player at any number of Clubs and/or Teams.

Are all Team Administrators created equal?

Not necessarily.  Any Club Administrator has the power to assign all or selected permissions to each subsequently approved Team Administrator at their Club. Therefore, at the sole discretion of the approving Club Administrator(s), different Team Administrators could be assigned differing permissions.

What sort of iSign functions would a Team Administrator normally have permission to perform?

The following types of iSign functions are usually the domain of the Team Administrator:

  • Allocation of registered players into their Team(s) based on grading or other team selection criteria carried out at the Club
  • Verification of player Photo Id and other proof of age documents
  • Creation and use of message templates for email and SMS communications
  • Regular team communications with players, parents and other Communication Subscribers connected to their Team(s), throughout the season
  • Team Fixtures and results recording throughout the season
  • Player Statistics recording throughout the season

How long does a Team Administrator remain in Office for?

The Request by one party (usually the Individual) and the Approval by the other (usually the Club), represents a mutual agreement in the appointment of a Team Administrator. The Team Administrator remains appointed throughout the season unless he/she is either withdrawn or removed at an earlier date. The Team Administrator can either ’remove’ himself or can be ‘removed’ by the Club (either party can act unilaterally to effect this) in the event of a new Team Administrator(s) needing to be appointed for whatever reason.

What is the difference between a Team Administrator and a Club Administrator in iSign?

A Club Administrator is assigned more rights and capabilities in the iSign website than a Team Administrator, and can administer those rights across all Teams at their Club. By contrast, a Team Administrator is assigned a more limited set of rights and capabilities which are restricted to only the Team(s) that he/she has been approved for. In the same way, a Team Administrator’s permissions generally represent a subset of a Club Administrator’s permissions.