iSign - Sport or Tournament Management Software

Tournaments & Events Management

Need to host any one-off sports Tournaments, Competitions or Events?
Need to handle high volume registrations & payments in no time flat?
Need to automatically circulate electronic information/content to each registrant?
Need to maintain a verifiable registrant database for sending out results, follow-up marketing, reminders or invites to your next Tournament or Event?

iSign can meet ALL your logistics challenges……call us today!

  • Suits all sports, ages and genders
  • Guaranteed privacy and confidentiality
  • Quick Event or Tournament Setup
  • Flexible Registration Fees & Tariffs engine
  • Group your Registrants into Teams
  • Group your Teams by Venues, Age Groups, Divisions etc
  • Accept high volume registrations online - anywhere, anytime, fast
  • Secure online payment facilities
  • No queues, No paperwork, No stress
  • Send registrant notifications by SMS and/or email

General Info

What does it cost?

The iSign website is Free to all participating Clubs and Sporting Organisations for running their Seasons, Tournaments, Competitions or other Events. The iSign offering is feature rich and there are No upfront costs, No joining fees and No ongoing subscriptions required from sporting organisations in order to derive the repeat benefits of the iSign system year upon year.

In order to assist sporting organisations further, our monetisation model has been structured to perfectly align with each organisation’s player/member registration cash flows in the form of a ‘per-registration levy’ incorporated into the registration fee itself.

Any Club or Sporting organisation can run Tournaments, Competitions or other Events completely independently, or in parallel or as part of their regular sports Season

Is iSign specifically designed for Sporting Organisations?

Yes, the iSign website has been specifically designed to enable each Club or Sporting Organisation to establish their own online Profile.
Their Profile enables a participating Sporting Organisation to:

  • Receive online registrations and payments from its Tournament, Competition or Event participants and Players
  • Provide communications and other event management services to its Tournament and Event Administrators and registrants

Managing Your Sporting Organisation

Can my Sporting Organisation operate and keep track of more than one Season, Tournament, Competition or Event at once?

A Sporting Organisation or Club can keep track of as many seasons, tournaments, competitions or events as they require. A Sporting Organisation may run as many of these as they like per year while also catering for multiple sporting codes. For each of these, the Organisation can define and maintain the Start/End playing dates, Open/Close registration dates, event notifications, tariffs and groupings along with a range of other tailored management settings and attributes.

Can my Sporting Organisation keep track of multiple teams, age groups, divisions or venues within any given Tournament, Competition or Event?

A Sporting Organisation can set up as many Teams for registration purposes as required. For each Team the Sporting Organisation can define and maintain the eligible registration criteria based on gender and age along with other team specific attributes. New teams can be added or deactivated at any time to accommodate higher or lower than expected registration numbers. Mass team Copy functions are available for copying teams from one Season, Tournament, Competition or Event to another for fast set up of a new or repeat Tournament or Event.

An unlimited number of user-defined Groupings can be setup up and used for categorising Teams. Some examples might include; Age Groups, Divisions, Venues or any other logical grouping required. Once set up, these Groupings can be ‘tagged’ to each Team for quick on-screen Filtering and Sorting where large numbers of Teams are being coordinated and managed.

Can my Sporting Organisation set and maintain its own Tariffs for calculating registration fees?

A Sporting Organisation can set up their own registration Tariffs for each Season, Tournament, Competition or Event that they operate. Tariff settings enable the Sporting Organisation to handle various fee structures and permutations such as:

  • Early bird fees
  • Late penalties
  • Family concessions
  • Group discounts
  • Different fees structures for different age ranges (eg; Juniors/Seniors etc)
  • Special pricing and Promo Codes (defined by Club)
  • GST inclusive/ GST Exclusive
  • Registration fee calculation and optimisation

Can my Sporting Organisation set its own registration rules, policies and practices?

There are a range of configurable registration options and settings available for Sporting Organisations to determine how they wish to administer their player registrations for any Tournament, Competition or Event they wish to operate..
These include but are not limited to:

  • Proof of Age and Photo Identification and verification options
  • Organisation, Association and Federal body terms and conditions options
  • Automatic or manual allocation of players to teams
  • Creating unlimited Custom Fields for inclusion in the online player registration form
  • A range of other options

How can iSign be used to communicate with Tournament or Event registrants?

The iSign website supports email and SMS communications as part of its standard messaging engine capabilities. Tournament or Event registrant distribution lists are auto-built and maintained by the iSign website as part of the online registration process. There is facility for each Sporting Organisation and Administrator to maintain their own message templates for re-use or to create ad hoc messages as required. Message templates can be used to generate communications to any or all of the following, on an individual or collective basis:

  • Tournament or Event Administrators
  • Tournament or Event age group Administrators
  • Tournament or Event registrants and/or their parents
  • Other Tournament and Event Communication Subscribers

After the successful completion of your Tournament, Competition or Event, the iSign messaging functions can be readily used to send out Tournament or Event results or any other relevant follow-up information and attachments, to all recorded registrants. In the same way, marketing and promotional literature can be emailed out to past Tournament or Event registrants to inform them of upcoming Tournaments or Events planned by your Sporting Organisation. Tournament or Event notifications and reminders, along with any special forms, notifications, updates or other related attachments can also be sent.

What sort of access do we as a Sporting Organisation have to Tournament and Event registration data?

Any approved Administrator with appropriate access privileges can generate a printed Registrant List for any Tournament, Competition or Event being administered. Output can be generated to a printer, a .pdf file, or to MS Excel at the click of a button. iSign also provides a customisable data export facility, which supports:

  • Easy output of Tournament or Event registration data for upload into third party systems.
  • Flexible file types and formats, field sequences and layouts (user-defined)
  • Registrant photographs exported as .jpg files with flexible naming options
  • Flexible date format options
  • Password encryption of files for data protection and security purposes

What historical Tournament Competition or Event data is recorded in iSign, and can be accessed by my Sporting Organisation?

All Tournament, Competition and Event registration data is recorded in iSign from the time a Sporting Organisation commences use of the iSign Website. At any time, the Sporting Organisation and its authorised Administrators can access any and all data associated with their Sporting Organisation and their Tournament or Event registrations only, going back to any point in their history with iSign.

Accepting Online Registrations and Payments

Does my Sporting Organisation need its own Merchant Facility in order to receive Tournament or Event registration payments?

The iSign website has an integrated payment gateway and iSign (Australia) Pty Ltd has an Industry wide approved Merchant Facility which can be used for the benefit of any participating Sporting Organisation in Australia. This means individual Sporting Organisations do not need their own Merchant Facility in order to receive their Tournament or Event registration payments online through the iSign provided payment gateway.

What payment methods does iSign accept?

The iSign provided payment gateway and merchant facility is approved to accept the following payment options:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa Credit Card/Debit Card

Is any Credit card information recorded or stored by iSign?

No Credit Card information is recorded or stored by iSign. All Credit Card payment data is handled through a highly reputable and ‘Bank Accredited’ Payment Gateway Provider. The Payment Gateway Provider ensures that Credit Card information is processed through and, if requested, stored in a ‘secure bank-vault storage’ facility by PCIDSS compliant and accredited parties.

Is our Sporting Organisation information and Tournament or Event registration data confidential and secure?

Significant design consideration and investment has been made to ensure that profile data for Sporting Organisations and Individuals is fully secure in the iSign environment. The website makes full use of anti-fraud, privacy protection, anti-SQL injection, data scraping and encryption technologies and practices to ensure confidentiality of information is maintained at all times. The website also employs a full password security and permissions engine to ensure individual Sporting Organisation and Team data is appropriately partitioned and protected. iSign (Australia) Pty Ltd has also achieved the highest level of SSL (Secure- Socket-Layer) certification and accreditation available from Digicert Inc. The SSL Certificate is installed on our website and displays the blue ‘DigicertSecure’ certification Logo on most pages which visibly authenticates the level of accreditation the site has been awarded.